Calendar or Schedule

I’ve been trying to put together a “schedule of events” so that I can keep track of what I need to do and when … in preparation of med school (obviously). Does anyone have any examples for me? I have penciled in stuff like classes that I need to take in the next 4 semesters and when the MCAT is (currently) given. But I’d like to add stuff like when to start application process, begin MCAP preps, compiling PS, LORs, transcripts etc. I’m also trying to make a “to do” list of similar items. I just know there’s going to be many things that I forget about - thinks I read here daily and that are still fairly premature for me to accomplish. Is there a site that might have this type of list/schedule that you all use?

Hi. If you go to and then scroll down, on the left you will see a link “Big Guide to Med School.” It has what needs to be done during each college year to prepare for applying to med school. It’s geared toward a “traditional” student but it’s got info and a timeline that helps. There’s also an interesting link further down “Applicant Profiles” that gives GPA/MCAT profiles of students and what schools they got into. Some of them are pretty suprising!
Good luck.

Thanks so much. Loads of info there! Too much info!

Hey found a good timetable if you haven’t already. Go to
Scroll down and you will see a Premedical Timetable.

another great site! Thank you so much.