California Bill

I heard on NPR this morning that there is either a bill being considered or was signed into law in California that would require all California medical students to be trained in giving abortions during their OB/GYN training.
Has anyone else heard anything about this? I just caught the tail-end of the story.
I also heard that California has now approved a state-funded stem cell research.
The pro-life movement sure took a hit this week.

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I caught part of the tape, and it said "students in ob-gyn"
I think they are confusing med students with residents, they probably mean ob-gyn residents will have to take abortion training. I seriously, seriously doubt they mean that all med students (non residents) will be forced to take abortion training. Thats totally unprecedented.
If this is so, as long as they have an opt-out clause, then its OK. What I would have a problem with is forcing ob-gyn residents to do abortions with no opt-out clause.

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