Camp job with kids with disabilities as Clinical Experience?

I spent a summer as a camp counselor for kids with disabilities and mental illness. The job involved a lot of behavioral management as well as medical care (I was trained to pass medications, give fluids via J tubes, give injections etc), however, I also spent a lot of time doing more typical camp counselor stuff. I’m interested in psychiatry so to me this experience is relevant to my career interest, but I’m not sure if an admissions committee would consider this clinical experience.

YES it’s clinical experience! If you don’t feel comfortable putting all of your camp hours down as clinical, you can guesstimate via percentage, e.g. maybe 50% of the time you were doing medical care and behavioral interventions, the other 50% was things like eating with the kiddos and making sure lights were out by 10pm. Then just split your total hours in half and put 50% into clinical and 50% into volunteering :slight_smile: