Can a DO become a Cardiologist?

Hello all,

I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a couple of months and have decided that a DO is my calling. However, I started my medical career as an EP in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and grew an amazing passion for the heart and lungs. I want to become a cardiologist but also feel that I fit more appropriately into a DO program. I know cardiologists are MDs but is it possible for a DO to find his way into cardiology?

Looking forward to everyone’s insights!


-Frank from Texas that’s moving to Philadelphia

Yup. Anyone who goes through an internal medicine residency program can apply for a cardiology fellowship, so both MDs and DOs. (4 years med school + 3 years residency + 2-3 years cardiology fellowship + x years subspecialty fellowship if you want). I honestly don’t know if the letters after your name even matter at that point to fellowship directors, but there are definitely MD and DO cardiologists.

Just out of curiosity, why do you feel driven to DO vs MD?

I feel that an osteopathic route seems to fall in line with my beliefs on medicine. I understand that as a doctor the letters after your name don’t really matter, its all about patient care and being the best doctor you can be. But if I can choose what training I want to have, I’d like to be trained under the scope of osteopathic medicine. That’s reason no. 1. Reason no. 2 is, i have to be realistic with myself. My undergrad GPA is not the best. I’m not the most competitive applicant for med school and my chances of being accepted to a DO program are higher. I’m 29 with a wife planning on having children soon. The door for med school is slowly closing on me, so i need to act fast. I dont feel that i have the time to apply 2-3 times for an allopathic program.

All thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!