Can anyone comment about taking classes while FT work

Can anyone comment how it is to take at least 2 pre-med courses while working fulltime?

If I get into Drexel University’s 2 year post bac program this fall (all courses in the evening), that is exactly what I will be doing.

I’m seriously considering quittig my job and just go back to school fulltime because I fear that the Drexel postbac combined with a fulltime job might be overwhelming for me. It isnt uncommon at my job to put in more time because deadlines have to met and so forth.

Also…if I get rejected from Drexel’s program then I will at some point have to leave my job because finding evening courses besides drexel’s program isn’t easy at all.

I’d like to add that i’m shooting for all A’s, and while I feel it is possible to pass the courses while working fulltime…getting all A’s is a completely different story.

I’m scared about getting stuck between a rock and a hardplace (probably many times) during this period of taking 2 classes and working fulltime

I think you just answered your own question in stating you made need to quit your full time job no matter what. JUggling school and work is TOUGH! No doubt about that. Is there anyway you could afford to work part time or even be allowed to cut back your hours? If you plan on taking 2 hard science courses in addition to a full time job, I would think you will often run into difficulty. Good luck!

I work part time and have three kids under 2.5 yoa. Is that considered full time? I find full time challenging. 3/4 is much more doable. I can fit in the 2-3 hours of homework. Whereas with the full time, one class seems to suffer. I imagine it’s much the same. Where would you fit in the homework between work and actually being in the classes?

I work full time. I took 2 classes last semester (Bio 1 & Chem 1), one this summer(Bio2), and am registered for 2 in the fall (Chem 2 & Intro to Physics). The University is an 80 mile round trip for me. I also have a wife and 2 little ones. I’m getting all A+'s so far. It’s tough, but it’s doable. You will have to decide what is vital in your life and what you can get rid of. You can realistically keep the vital stuff (relationships) but pretty much EVERYTHING else must go. (Throw the TV out, no magazines, no hobbies, no non-textbooks…) Do everything as early as you can (papers, assignments, etc) so that when something comes up unexpectedly (and it will) you have the best shot at maintaining your A.

If you have a significant other, I don’t suggest you try 2 classes unless they are 200% behind you. I couldn’t do this without my wife. She’s amazing.

Communicate with the teachers early and often and let them know you aren’t just there to get a grade, but you are trying to master the material for the MCAT and later. They’ll respect you and give you help. Sometimes they may even cut you some slack that they wouldn’t give the other undergrads if you honestly miss or forget an assignment date.

If you can get evening courses, you are very blessed. It also really helps if you have a vacation day or two because you’ll come to some tests that you just can’t get ready for and need to take part or all of a day to prepare, although with my work that is very hard to do.

I have days when I just can’t keep going. But I do. You can also!

Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m sure all of you have busier lives than me while also going to school; I just have this job and no other responsibilities.

With fulltime work and 2 courses I know study time (not including required homework) will be tight. My job is 9-5, but in reality it is 9-5 plus any other time of the day when something is ready and has to be worked on asap. This can practically kill whatever study time I may have.

I considered asking to work part time; but even with part-time work I’m worried for the reasons in the previous paragraph. Personally money isn’t an issue because I have enough savings to not take out any loans during all of pre-med. I was also thinking about finding a more convenient part time job (the only downside being that it wont pay anywhere near what I make now, and this job is how I can keep my foot in the IT industry).

My backup plan if I don’t get into Drexel’s program is to take classes on my own somewhere else. I am actually thinking of just going with my backup plan and take 1 course in the fall to test out the waters. Taking 1 class has to be much easier than taking two classes while working fulltime.

Hello all.

Just a quick update I got accepted into Drexel’s postbac program and I’ll be starting in 4 weeks. I decided I am going to work fulltime while attending the evening courses.

I am pretty excited as crazy as that sounds. I looked at my schedule and I am able to fit in 20 hours during a week studying/doing homework. I hope that is enough time for 2 classes and to get A’s in them. Naturally this leaves no time for any social life or hobbies whatsoever, but I got my mind on the bigger picture…med school!

You can do this! Keep your eye on the prize and don’t forget to celebrate the little victories along the way–it will help give a little extra motivation.

Absolutely, you can do it…THat is the story of my life…I had to work fulltime and go to classes at night. For my undergrad I took full loads at night…So, I know it can be done…

Also, do not forget to get your volunteering in somewhere…I just attended a seminar at the med school I prefer to attend and the admissions dean said, working hard to get A’s is not enough…you must have other things going as well…So, try to squeeze in an hour or two volunteering somewhere…anywhere…