Can graduate credit hours be counted toward the 90 credit hour requirement?

Hi folks, I am current teaching chemisry at a college and would want to go to pursue medicine. I received my BS degreen from a foreign country (non-english speaking country) and phD from an US university. Here I have some questions here

  1. Most school require 90 credit hours. Texas doesn’t recognize courses taken outside of US and Canada. I don’t want to start from scratch and take all 90 credit hours. So can the graduate hours from an US school be counted toward the 90 credits requirement ?

  2. My plan is to take all the prerequisite courses again ( I have taken all them before outside of US). I have been teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry. Do I need to take those courses to satisfy the prerequisites ?

I really appreciate any clarification. Good luck and best wishes to every non-traditional pre-med who choose a hard road.