Can I adequately prepare for MCAT while taking Biochemistry in the Spring?

Hello all,

So I am a non traditional applicant who is doing a DIY postbacc to get my 2 semesters of physics, ochem 2 and biochem. I would end up taking biochem in the spring semester. I am wondering if it is doable to adequately prepare for the MCAT while taking biochemistry in the spring. I would hope to take the MCAT at the start of summer so I can apply for schools next cycle. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.

I was wondering this same thing. After listening to the premeds and Old premeds podcast, it seems as though taking the MCAT shortly after taking the prerequisite classes is a good idea. That way the information that you learned in the classes is still fresh in your mind. I think it will be ok and I hope so because that is what I am planning to do this upcoming cycle as well.