Can I Be a Doctor and Fear Insects?

Hello everyone,
I am sorry if this seems like a random question. One of my relatives-who is not a doctor and who picks on me a lot- made a comment that really bothered me. He tried to show me a tick and when I expressed that I didn’t want to see it, he told me that I shouldn’t be a doctor if I couldn’t look at ticks. Everyone seems really angry at me for not being able to look at the tick (all I did was move away from the bowl), more so than they were at his comments. And now they’re worried that I won’t be able to become a doctor. For reference, I know that I have to complete certain prerequisite classes in all specialties in medical school, and I am aware of the prerequisites before that, but I didn’t think we would be working with bugs in them (unless we were doing a rotation with rheumatologists and Lyme Disease came into play, or if someone really really could not remove a tick, but that’s specific). so I was just really confused by all of this.

Thank you in advance!

There are so many different kinds and types of MD/OD professionals. That argument about ticks is ridiculous.

Lots of MDs don’t like science or people - they go work for corporations . Same applies to bugs.

Thank you very much. I wondered, but I wasn’t entirely sure. My desired specialty is actually either neurology or psychiatry, so I would have to deal with bugs themselves the least, but I understand that there are other prerequisites that we don’t get to choose so I thought I’d ask just in case.

it is important no to have a blood fear )) or broken bones ))