Can I do this?


Found this site quite some time ago when I first started seriously toying with the idea of medical school…just thought I’d finally stop in and say hello.

I’m going to be 38 years old in February. I’m currently a paramedic, finally having found my calling (medicine). I’ve got a total of three degrees - two in the arts, and the associates in paramedicine. Its been a long, convoluted road, but maybe I finally know where I’m going.

Anyway, I’m terrified. I desperately want to do this, but it seems so incredibly overwhelming. I don’t have kids and my husband has a good job and my family is supportive. As much as I love being a paramedic, I crave more knowledge.

Thank goodness for this group. Thanks to you guys, I know that age doesn’t matter. At the rate I’m hoping to go, I’ll be about 50 when I finish, and I know that leave me plenty of time to practice.

But it sure is scary…


Welcome to OPM! I have found this place to be an incredible welcoming, helpful community, and I hope you find it to be the same. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

  • Petunia Said:

But it sure is scary...

some many students get scared of medical school when they are still just starting on premed. Don't be. You really have nothing to lose in trying.

Think of this way: until you have the letter of acceptance in your hand, it is all hypothetical. And you What is the worst that can happen? You take a few courses, not do well or find out it just isn't worth the work and drop it? You wont be any place other than where you currently are. But if you do premed, say part time over a few years, you do well, you prep and score well on the MCAT, you write a super application, and blow away the interview, then you get that acceptance letter, then that could be a scary moment to commit to medicine. But if you did all the above and stuck with it, I think you have already proven the commitment to yourself.