Can I even make an attempt?


I am a 31 yr old engineer who is seriously considering going back to school for my MD. However, I fear there are a number of possible roadblocks and would appreciate any feedback.

I have a sordid past as a youngster. Several drug possession convictions (as a minor) and one marijuana conviction when I was 18. All of the convictions were misdemeanors. The other blemish is a DUI when I was 21. Also a misdemeanor.

Since then my record is spotless and I have cleaned up my act considerably.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. Given my record, is there any chance of being accepted to a medical school (in the US) or obtaining the required licensing to practice medicine?

  2. If number 1 is yes, do any medical schools accept Jr College to 4-yr transfer students? Or do most require all 4 years be completed at a university.



No advice or wisdom to impart BUT I wanted to say congrats on breaking what could have been an extremely destructive life pattern (drugs/drinking).


Can’t answer directly to this, but I hope some more knowledgable can. If you’re not shy, you could always try to contact med school admissions folks and ask their opinions on it. There’s also an anonymous forum over at the StudentDoctorNetwork for sensitive questions like this - it may be worthwhile to seek advice there, as well.

Welcome to OPM, and good luck!

The only problem that I would see would be the BATF background check.

1). You will need to be able to explain the misdemeanors, but since they were long ago and you’ve had a clean record since, this may not be a huge problem.

2). I don’t think any med school has a policy of not accepting students who transferred from a cc to a four-year school. Just be careful of where you do your pre-req science work.