can (should) I keep going?

I made the decision to try for my dream of becoming a physician 2 1/2 years ago by taking my MCAT again. I have applied twice and had my first interview last winter. My chances of getting in within the next 2 years is very likely and now I am stressing whether it is going to work out with my family. I have 4 children ages 14,12,8, and almost 6. Am I biting off too much during my kids childhood years? Any advice from women whom have done this during their kids growing up years? How bad are the FP residency hours??

Well, they’re not fun. On OB rotation, I had a 24-hour shift every 3rd day. I have overnight or late-night call every 4th day now on teaching service and I get there at 5ish and get out at…5ish.

That being said, there are women in my program with small kids at home. I don’t have them, but these tough ladies manage somehow. So it can be done. That’s all I know.