Can somebody answer...?

Can somebody answer some questions for me? Hello, I am an interested student planning someday to be a pre-med then later a med student… I was wondering if somebody on here who reads this can give a Instant Message to the screen name ‘’ nrut2oo7 ‘’ to answer some pre-med and medical questions concerning things like colleges grades and the MCATs… any info would be greatly appreciated… thank you.

Nathan -
You will usually get some pretty good responses if you post your questions on here. Also, do a search of the archives. You may find the answers to a lot of your questions there.
PS - you didn’t specify what service the screenname is for - AIM, MSN, yahoo?

Nathan, the good thing about OldPreMeds is that since it’s a forum, we can get lots of great input from folks when they have time to reply. The bad thing - well, bad if you desperately want to talk to someone right away - is that it’s not instant. You can try clicking on “entrance” on the top bar to see if anyone else is hanging out on our entrance page and you can talk to them there in real-time or direct them to your IM. But as Amy said, what will work much better in this format is browsing the forums, using the search function, and posting your questions, then watching for the next few days for replies. Also please note that we strongly discourage duplicate posts in multiple forums, and so I’ve closed the other two places where you posted this question. It gets hard to keep track of who’s replying to what if the question is in more than one place.
Welcome to OldPreMeds!

Thank you Amy and Mary. Can you please explain how the MCATs scoring and testing system works and give me an idea of some good pre-medical schools in the state of texas… thank you.

Hi Nathan. I’d be happy to speak with you if we can match up times. If you’d like to chat on Sunday night, drop me a private message in here and let me know what time you’ll be on and I’ll catch you online. Is that screen name for AIM?

Thank you Larry, yes that screen name is for AIM… you can IM me anytime you would like because I am usually always on. As far as time goes… I Live in Texas and my time zone is central. So I will be on tonite around 8 for sure and then on and off for the rest of the night. How do I private message somebody? Thanx for your help!