Can these people get into medical school

If you have not seen these on SDN, this is a must

Oh my GOD that is funny! And I love the fact that the name “Louis” Carroll was corrected in red ink!!!

The teacher’s note at the end has me in tears



Pretty good. The style reminds me of how I used to write!
The kid obviously wrote the essay as a prank. But how could the prof let him pass?

Since I laughed so hard at that one (especially the “Lewis” correction), I thought I’d share something similar:
Explain the shape of the graph …

That university paper almost killed me laughing!!

Adding the little short rap on page 5 was classic, I’ve never seen anything so spontaneous and hilarious at the same time, haha.

Uh it changed to a new one just as funny though!

How do these people get into college in the first place? LMAO