I’m rather curious - I haven’t seen much mention of Canadian medical schools, just Caribbean. Given that they are a part of the AMA I found it pretty odd.

Is there any particular reason?

I briefly looked into them, and they seemed exceedingly difficult to get into if Canada is not your home and native land. That was just my impression, but it does contrast sharply with the perception of Caribbean schools.

Adam is correct. As a Canadian, this is the route I am going to try as plan A. In my research it appears that most Canadian universities are not only sticklers for admitting Canadians only, a good number really stack the odds against anyone outside of their province.


I was browsing through the MSAR today, and I made a few notes from the Canada section:

In 2005-06, 222 U.S. students applied to Candian schools (this seemed a little low, actually). About 20% got in, which was a little lower than the ~30% of Canadians who get in to the country’s med schools.

It seemed like there was a different primary/secondary education structure there, which might be a stumbling block for some US students.

It was recommended you check out for more info.

Hope this is of some help :).

Do you by any chance remember what the avg matriculation percentage is for US schools?

I think it’s around 50%… AMCAS would probably have the full details. I’ll check real fast.

Edit: wow, per… , only 42% matriculate in the US, it seems.

More data at

Thanks, Adam.

  • pi1304 Said:

Edit: wow, per , only 42% matriculate in the US, it seems.

More data at

And the rumor is that there are even more applicants this year, which, of course, will mean less than 42% will matriculate for entering class 2008. I believe that the largest applicant pool in recent history was in 1996 with more than 46,000 applicants for about 16,000 first-year places in the class. (It was an ugly year to be in admissions.)