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Hello All:

I am considering adding McGill to my list of medical schools. I have the following questions:

  1. What is the acceptance rate of US medical school applicants into McGill?

  2. Are there OPM’ers who have applied and/or been accepted top Canadian medical schools?

  3. What is the general reception of US residency programs regarding Canadian schools?

    Thanks for any input!

as to your last question, here is the 2011 summary residency match data where you will see a section on canadian students. However, the results have to be taken in context knowing that a larger percentage of these students also participated in CARMS (canadian residency match). For example how many of the withdrawals and no ranks simply decided in candadian programs. In any event out 62 who ranked, 40 got spots or about 2/3

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So, Americans getting into Canadian schools is a rare event (unless you hold dual citizenship). McGill does take internationals, but you should be aware that as an American you are less likely than someone from a second or third world country to get in. You are seen as having many US schools to choose from. That said, is there a specific reason you want to apply to McGill? It can’t hurt to apply, but you have a major uphill climb to get in. Very few of our med schools take internationals. I hope this helps.

There appears to be a well-written article Medical Schools in Canada Accepting First-Year Medical Students that summarizes the very, very thin possibilities of US students being accepted. McGill appears to take 4 to 7 international students a year, including americans

Unless you are from there it is not a great investment of your time unless you think of yourself as a candidate for the most competitive of American schools, like Harvard. Just like most state schools here, McGill is a public school that is more competitive for non-Quebeckers and even more competitive for Americans. It’s probably akin to getting into UCLA from out of state. McGill is a good school, but so are many US schools that are much easier to get into that are just as good. On the other hand, if your application is really strong, go for it. Montreal is wonderful, though cold. If you get in, coming back to the US is apparently very easy, and most Americans who go there for med school leave (winters are too cold!) and get great residencies in the US as it has a an even better rep in the US than in Canada for some reason.

The same is pretty much true for any Canadian med school. If you are really interested, I recommend marrying a Canadian!

  • Megsmed Said:
If you are really interested, I recommend marrying a Canadian!

Should I start a match making forum on OPM?

Not a bad idea (though I am taken :)!

Odds are poor for US applicants getting into Canadian med schools. Almost as bad as out of state applicants trying to get into UMass.