Canadian Residency Matching Service

Has anyone participated in this from an American medical school? Or known anyone who participated in this?

Now that I’m a Buffalonian and all… :wink:

Found it! Very interesting stuff:


So give uas the skinny…can we or can’t we as Amer-grads do the CA-draft?

Graduates of LCME-accredited institutions are welcome to compete for Canadian match. In my reading, there is not even a separate requirement to sit for the Canadian boards.

This, however, throws quite a wrench into the works:


DISCLAIMER : the above-mentioned criteria are the basic requirements to allow you to participate in the CaRMS match and are not necessarily the only criteria to apply for positions within the different provinces.

Note that almost all jurisdictions require that applicants applying to provincial Ministries of Health funded positions are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.


In practice, then, the proviso to allow LCME grads appears to be geared toward Canadian students who come to American med schools, rather than American students in American med schools.

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It is a very complicated situation. #1, most provinces will exclude you from the first-round match in most specialties. There are a few exceptions. #2, there are almost no specialty spots available in the second round except FM. #3, every province is different, and as a US grad some will classify you as foreign, and some as equivalent to Canadian, regardless of your citizenship status. #4, I believe you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to qualify for the match in most specialties (I could be wrong about this one). #5, it used to be that CaRMS happened before the US match, so you had the safety of a US position if you didn’t get a Canadian one (if you matched in Canada, you automatically got dropped from the ERAS match). This year, CaRMS happened after the US match, and if you matched in the US, you got dropped in Canada; if you only went for Canada, that left you in a very vulnerable position.

If you want more detailed info, go look at the Canadian med students’ site: