Career change advice for those with no science background courses

I am 28 years old. I finished undergraduate degree in Canada and now live in states i did it in Justice Studies and due to my parents forcing me to go into law and law school I ended up with low gpa of 2.5 I would like to know which path if any I should take to get into my dream of medicine. I worked a great job for few years. But I would to know if there is even chance i have not taken any sciences of math at university level and i know gpa is to low for a goo postbac program which path should I take?

Your first step is to enroll into a post-bacc or masters program where you can take the prerequisites for medical school. You have to do some research to determine what options you have in terms of doing a post-bacc. Call/email programs in your area, explain your situation and see what possibilities you may have. There are also DIY post bacc’s that many students with low undergrad GPA’s have had success with, it’s something to consider.

You have a chance , just make sure you do well in your future science classes and on the MCAT. Once the pandemic is over, start looking for shadowing and clinical opportunities/volunteer work. I hope this helps a bit, good luck!


Thank you very much for you time… I am thinking or taking the pre-reqs at the undergraduate level.