Career change with low GPA, degree achieved not in science

In May 2020, I received a B.A. in Psychology. My cummulative GPA was a 2.75. I find that external factors played a big role in my academics during this time. Now that I know I have the support and resources I need to be successful, I recently decided I want to change my career path into the medical field. To do so, I am pursuing a second degree while taking the prerequisites for medical school, hopefully will begin this path this fall, 2021. My question is, what is the best course of action in this situation? How do I improve GPA? How do I improve my application into medica school? If I succeed in this second degree, what will my chances of getting into medical school?

I believe in your case, it is better to do a post-bacc for the pre-reqs, rather than a second degree. Look up career changer post baccs on google.

You’re also going to need the other reqs for med school - eg: volunteering, shadowing, clinical experience, research, etc.

Do more research yourself on these things and you will have a clearer path to med school.

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+1 to all of the above, especially doing a post-bacc instead of a 2nd undergrad degree. Post-baccs are often cheaper, especially at an extension campus where the only cost is the courses themselves