Career changer not sure which road to pick

I’m realizing that I really don’t want to do the publish or perish thing in my graduate program (I’ll have a master’s next semester) and I won’t really be engaging with the nitty-gritty of research in that role. At the same time, I realize how much I love medicine.

I’m in a bit of a bind because I have three options. I originally wanted to be a doctor, but gave up when some outside forces (not my parents, my Mom still thinks I should have gone to medical school) convinced me that I couldn’t do it, namely the hospitals I volunteered at, kind of forced me out due to being socially awkward.

Now, I want to go back into healthcare because I love helping people, but I’m not sure which to choose. I worked as a pharmacy tech and I think pharmacology is pretty interesting so a pharmacist could work. There’s also nursing school In fact when I asked the admissions office for info about my alma mater’s ABSN, the guy got really pushy about applying to it. My sGPA was 2.95 and my cGPA was 3.34, my grad GPA on the other hand, is 3.95 it will be in psychology-neuroscience.

However, the medical school would be a perfect fit as it’s very service-oriented. Now, I can’t get this old notion out of my head. I have zero confidence and my rational mind says getting ready to apply (e.g. take the MCAT, grade repair)/applying would be a waste of time. When it comes to the other two options, I’m not really sure which would be best for me (I’m on the Spectrum). So, I was just hoping that someone could talk me out of these delusions of grandeur I have about getting into med school.


P.S. For reference I have had some interesting healthcare-ish work. I’m currently volunteering in a needle exchange/Narcan distribution mutual aid program.