Career changing? Engineering to MD


I’ll try to make this as short as possible. I am 35 years old, civil engineer with an MBA.

I started college in 2002 majoring in biology to start pursuing my life long dream of becoming a pediatrician. After my freshman year though I grew unmotivated from the school I was at and in a way started doubting I could ever get to become a doctor. I decided to transfer to an engineering school which was what ‘ran’ in my family (dad, brother, cousins all engineers).

Fast foward 5 years (2008) I graduated from my civil engineering program with average gpa (3.0). I took some med school pre reqs back then but still missing quite a few. Now I am reconsidering going back on the medschool path, because although I have had a very successful career so far, I just cant seem to shake the desire and dream of becoming a doctor. being 12 years removed from school, I am thinking about doing an associates degree in biology at a local community college for several reasons: allows me to continue to work for a couple more years and save money which will be much needed in the future, cover pre reqs as I dont think I am a good candidate for a formal post bacc or masters program, raise my gpa, and show commitment to my goal.

Is this a smart idea? Are community college credits frowned upon?? Any tips would be appreciated!

I have a BS in engineering, am turning 48 this year and applying for 2021 admission. Go for it! Any accredited college is fine to take those prereqs. I’ve spoken with more than one admissions director about this. ONe even told me not to worry about OChem - not required for all med schools! Only the “elite” med schools would possibly frown on community colleges, but who cares, right?