Caregiving as clinical experience

Hi all,

I’m wondering how caregiving used as clinical experience is really viewed on medical school applications. I’m a non traditional student making a career change. I’m working my way through a post-bacc pre-med program while working full-time and being a single parent. Needless to say, my extra time is limited. My son is now three but sustained a severe traumatic brain injury at just over a year old (and has been my reason for wanting to become a doctor). He has nursing hours provided for him through insurance so he is cared for by skilled staff when I am not available, but otherwise I am his sole caregiver. He requires significant medication management, is entirely dependant for mobility, and has epilepsy which has to be monitored 24/7. I’m only saying all this to provide an understanding of the level of care I am talking about.
I know that the AAMC/AMCAS says that caregiving counts as clinical experience, but is that still true if it it for your child, or is it just expected that this is what you are supposed to do? Otherwise I have very little clinical experience. I do have some shadowing planned for once they start letting visitors back into hospitals, but seeing time is so limited, I’m wondering if I need to focus on finding more clinical experience with what little time I have or if I should focus on something else.

I appreciate any feedback you can provide!
Thanks in advance!