Caribbean or wait to hear about DO?

Hello! 30 y/o applicant here! I got an acceptance for St. George’s University and am waiting to hear about interview offers from two DO schools in the states.

I received my MCAT score back from retaking it this summer, and I actually did worse despite studying this time, so big fail.

My question is, should I just though it out and up-root to Grenda, having to drag along my dog and cat, or should I re-apply next cycle (obviously retake the MCAT…again) and go to med school in the states?

I heard that Caribbean school is easy to get in, but hard to get out. I think DO schools in the states are better.

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DOs are better than Caribbean schools. I’m planning to apply predominantly to DO schools, along with 10-20 MD schools with lower stats that aren’t super research heavy.

DON"T do it. I hope I have caught you in time. I thought I needed to rush the process because I had just turned 40 and didn’t do well on MCAT and a ton of other personal reasons. It is now 2022, and after 2 yrs there, passing, I knew it was a trap. They do everything they can to make sure you do not get out. I am now taking the opportunity to trust the process and willing to start over again because I know there is better.