CASTING CALL - Aug 2005 MCAT study partner PA

Hi there! Firstly I want to say, this site is tremendously helpful and just by browsing through this forum, I feel like I’ve gotten to know a few individuals quite well. Thank you for all your faithful postings and helpful advice.
I am currently attending PENN postbac. I live in University City (philadelphia, Pa) Maybe there are some of you out there as well. However, this offer is not limited to only PENN students. I am wondering if anyone out there would like to study with me for the August 2005 MCAT? Together, I’m sure we can kick its butt!
By studying together, I mean going over concepts and even perhaps taking practice exams together. We can keep each other accountable in terms of the timing, we can supplement and tutor each other’s weak zones. I am a big believer in learning in groups. don’t know why, but I find it 100X harder to study on my own - usually i do it, but my past experience has been that I perform so much better when studying in groups.
Anyway, I hope someone out there would like to give this a try as well. I am confident it will be a rewarding experienced for us all. Thanks! Oh yes, feel free to respond to this post or email me at
Thanks again.

I’m Game