CC classes as postbacc on AMCAS

On the AMCAS, for schools, how do I classify the program for community colleges if I took some of my pre-reqs there after I graduated? Would it be junior college or go under postbacc undergrad? If I classify the school as junior college, then later for coursework, the postbacc grade-level option does not appear

How does this affect the GPA AMCAS comes up with?


I would imagine it would be post-bacc undergrad, simply because that’s what it is - not sure how you would input that.

It ends up being computed as a separate GPA (post-bacc) and included in total undergrad GPA.

I haven’t seen the actual application yet but is post bac undergrad entirely different from “post-pac program”. how do you make the distinction between an informal post-bac from a formal one?

Someone please correct if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there is a distinction between formal and informal post-bacc programs on the AMCAS. If it’s important to you to have the admissions committee know which you attended I think it would have to be included somehow in your personal statement.

There is no distinction on the AMCAS application regarding “formal p/b program” vs. informal. You enter the school and the grade. AMCAS calculates a p/b gpa. And also a total undergrade gpa which combines both the ugrad gpa and the p/b gpa.