CC grades and 4yr grades-question

My grades from CC are not the best, ( young and stupid main reason why thier not that great). My question is this- If I manage to get all A’s until I graduate CC (only 7 classes left) and do very well at the 4 year university are my chances of med school still not that great or will I have a chance? Anyone have any advice or experience in a situation similar>? Thanks

I am no expert when it comes to GPA, but in order to get a good answer, it would help if you could put some numbers, at least ranges of 1-where you are now, and 2- where do you anticipate your GPA to be after you are done with all your classes.

Right now my GPA is 2.90 ( I know !I know!) 7 classes left to go in CC so I hope to raise it much more a 4.0 may be outta the question but 3.5 -3.8 wouldn’t be to bad right? And when I get to the 4yr university I plan on not getting any bad grades ( that may be to optimistic) but I really am serious about med school, unfortunately my performance prior to my enlightenment dont really help me out. People tell me not to worry about the past do what I have to do now but It is on my mind ALL the time.


I think the average for matriculated students is about 3.6. By all means, if you get you GPA where you mentioned, I am pretty sure you will have a a decent shot (of course provided that everything else looks good, specially the MCAT).

Do your best for now and I am sure you will end up living your dream.

are you redoing work at the CC or on you on your first degree? Is you major at the CC science-based or other?

Thanks! Redo-It-All!!

I will keep you posted if thats okay with you,Im gona do my best and hope that it’s good enough in the long run!!!

This is my first degree my major is Science i have 2 calc classes to take and 2 biology classes left the rest are general electives.

The most important thing for somebody in your situation to do is show forward progress. My freshman year in college I did not do well at all, which severely damaged my GPA. Sophomore year and on, I consistently got 3.6 and better; the admissions officers are well familiar with ‘young and stupid’ - you need to show that you are no longer young and stupid and get good grades. As the dean of admissions from A.E. said “ALMOST anything is forgivable except a DUI”