CC vs university prereqs

Hi all,

Which prereqs would you absolutely NOT take at a cc? Which ones do you think I could get away with taking at a cc? Time is a big issue right now since I’m

working fulltime and the cc offers a more flexible schedule.

Also, thoughts on web based chem 1 and 2 courses this summer and taking the labs separately in the fall and spring.


If you do a search of CC you will see that the general consensus is to go to University. So, if money or time is not a factor, just go to University. CC should be 2nd choice. (I write this and I am CC. Sometimes, CC is the only viable choice)

Generally, CC will make you less competitive but how much depends on your whole package of application factors. For example, if you previously have a year degree with few, if any prereqs taken, then doing prereqs at a CC will not be a huge impact (assuming you do extremely well and do well on the MCAT). However, if you are repeating prereqs from a older degree at a 4 year school, it will be a much bigger impact.

Additionally, as I was informed by admissions officers at the AACOM conference, you need to do at least a semester, if not a year of full-time upper level work at a 4 year school

Another option, which is the cutting edge, UNECOM runs an online postbacc. I am trying to get some information on which schools have accepted the courses.

Personally, my opinion is do Organic and advanced bio at the 4 year school.

Lastly, if your schedule/logistics only permit CC, then you do it, do well, and discuss it in your application. After all, taking classes at a CC is much better than not taking classes at all

I am very interested in the online post-bacc. Do you have anymore information about it? I did check it out at UNECOMs website. Is there any information out there regarding whether is it accepted by schools or encouraged as an alternative to doing a non-formal post-bacc (taking classes on one’s own). It honestly is a great idea for those of us (I’m sure there are many of us out there) who work fulltime and are not necessarily able to reduce our work hours. Let me know what you’ve come up with.

As I mentioned above, I was thinking about taking my Chem 1 and Chem 2 online this summer through my area’s community college and then taking the lab components separately in the fall and in the spring (while at the same time taking another of my prereqs). I wonder if doing the Chem courses completely online through UNECOM would be a better idea???


  • Ajhewitt4 Said:
As I mentioned above, I was thinking about taking my Chem 1 and Chem 2 online this summer through my area's community college and then taking the lab components separately in the fall and in the spring (while at the same time taking another of my prereqs).

On a personal level, I would not do this. Not only will you take a "hit" for taking the course online, but you have a double whammy in that the online course is from a community college.

I understand the dilemma people face in getting courses done at 4 year institutions. I take a different line of logic than does gonnif, and I don't mean to suggest that mine is superior, simply different. Yes, taking classes at a CC does on some level move you forward when compared to not taking classes at all. However, CC courses are not free and taking them does have financial impact. If you would be taking the courses regardless simply because you're interested, then no harm. But for me it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest the money (or, as many do, take on additional debt) when a person is significantly lowering their chances to attend medical school when compared to taking classes at a 4 year institution. The harsh reality of applying to medical school is that the majority of people who apply do not get in, and, although I don't have hard numbers, I imagine that the percentage of rejected to accepted for people who do their prereqs at a CC rises significantly.

I say this only to bring a different perspective (plus I tend to be more pragmatic as I get older!) I applaud all people who are pursuing their dreams, whichever path they choose to take. This is just another way to consider things.

Best of luck with whatever path you choose!

I had this question too and spoke to someone at one of the medical schools I’m interested in. They told me that since the prereqs were not going toward a 1st degree ( I got my BS Bio '93 )they could be taken at the CC with out penalty. She actually said, it will not make one bit of difference where you take them and it would make more sense financially. However, other schools on my list clearly state on their website, they prefer the courses to be taken at 4yr. Some don’t like online courses for prereqs at all. Why not pick a few schools that you might be interested in and call them so that you know for sure before taking the financial plunge.

This topic has been discussed to death over the years. I’m sure the archives have more posts than you would possibly want to read through. :slight_smile: The bottom line for most med schools (in my own words): Go to the most rigorous four-year institution time/money will allow.