Celebrating my first grades in a decade

Hey Y’all,
Just want to celebrate a little. I introduced myself last summer but haven’t written much since.
I went back to school during the winter quarter for the first time since 1995 (when I was academically dismissed). I took 16 quarter hours of make up classes (classes that I received FA’s and I’s in back then) and have just gotten my President’s List certificate! A 4.0 for the quarter…what a boost!
Thanks for being here. It’s because of the success stories I read on OPM that I think I can do this.

Congratulations on a great quarter, Stephen. Keep up the good work!!

Awesome Keep it up!

Way to go Stephen! I know exactly how you feel! I’m taking my first two classes this semester after completing my undergrad over a decade ago. I’m taking College Algebra and Biology I. Way back when, I took college algebra TWICE…the first time I got an “F”, the second time I got a “D”…this time around, I’m getting an “A”…and I have to say that it’s much easier this time around. I wonder how in the world I managed to do so poorly back then…aaahh…the immaturity and lack of focus of youth!