Celebrations IV

It is selfish of me but I just can’t help starting a whole new “celebrations” thread with this news:

my son is going to flight school!

He got his assignment today. The Navy is sending him to Pensacola after he graduates in May. As I start my intern year, he’ll be putting in very long hours too … first with a lot of books and then HOPEFULLY logging flight hours wooo-hooooo! Wish I could figure out how to attach the picture of him from his summer assignment with an F-18 squadron. (edit: I DID figure it out! click on “attachment” to see my kid the pilot!)

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Hey Mary,
Congratulations to the offspring! Getting Navy jets is the hardest assignement and the most coveted in the Navy. Your genes are excellent with the contribution of your hubby
As for internship, you are going to be great. I know that you are going to have plenty of moments where you will be saying Ah Ha! This is fun stuff! I am still finding myself lauging out loud and saying, “This is so much fun and I get paid too!” This mostly happens in the OR but I am sure that you are going to have some of those moments outside the “bright lights and cold steel”.
As children go, you have three good ones. It will be of great comfort to know that we are being protected by one of the best and a Hokie at that . Just wait until he calls home to tell you about his first “night hop” on an aircraft carrier. Talk about adrenalin.

That is exciting news. I wish him luck and success.
I have something to celebrate also. My son is in the army and stationed in Kuwait, for almost 10 months now. He was not able to come home for Thanksgiving and told they would not be able to come home for Christmas. But last Thursday when I got home from work, he was here. There are no words for how happy I was to have him home for Christmas.

Good for him!
I’m an Air Force brat and I couldn’t be prouder of our military.

Wanda, what a wonderful early Christmas present! I am very happy for you.

Awesome Mary!
“I feel the need…the need for speed.” --Top Gun
My celebration is a B in PreCalculus I. Yeah! It’s over. I have a few weeks off before PreCalc II starts in Jan.

Congratulations to your son and you ofcourse. Same goes to all of you for your and your offsrpings’ respective accomplishments. Stacy, congrats on your precal grades. That’s wonderful.
My celebrations for christmas:
I made an A both in General Physics lecture and lab. One course down, 299 more to go:):slight_smile:
I got my EK 5th edition books which means I have to start studying for MCAT.
My husband bought me a laptop, I’m so excited. I’m actually typing this email on my laptop:)
My comprehensive topic proposal has been accepted. The exam itself is in Jan.
That’s news from my end.
All of you happy holidays. Merry christmas, happy and prosperous new year and hope everybody’s endeavors are successful and dreams are fulfilled. To a new and hopeful 2004!!!

MOST AWESOME!!! Give your son a hearty CONGRATULATIONS from OldManDave!!!