It seems I have discovered a restaurant on the South Side of Milwaukee that has deceptive margaritas. They taste very mild until suddenly, before you have even really finished the first one, you can’t quite feel your nose. Oh, you know where it IS and everything. It’s just that when you pat it with your finger, it doesn’t feel quite right.
Thanks to the good friends who have helped me celebrate my acceptance into med school, I am now wearing a tiara with pink feathers, a purple feather boa, and have an orange spiral feathered pen on my desk. Downstairs in my living room are two boppy balloons and a “Happy Healing” helium balloon. And paper blowy things. And a bottle of bubble solution. My friend Martha took the REMAINING BALLOONS (yes, there were more!) home to her cats.
I’m going to med school. And one and a half margaritas is all I need to celebrate this fact. That and a few good friends.

Oh that sounds like a great party! I am glad you could celebrate with good friends - makes it more real and more meaningful… and is just FUN. Fun is important.
Mary R.
retyping a lot of this message after some “fun” with friends this evening …

That’s awesome. I’m going to have a party as well. I’m not the sort to do these things but I noticed my friend never really had a time to celebrate his acceptance and at his graduation he spoke about wishing he had thrown a party for his acceptance as well.
I’ll leave out the pink boas…