Cell Biology or Microbiology

Due to my work schedule I have to decide between Cell bio and micro bio class this semester. Which one of these two has more value toward MCAT, Adcom etc. ? Please give me your thoughts. Thanks.

Cell Bio without any hesitation. PLUS, it will help you immensely in medical school.

The only potential very minor advantage that Microbiology has is that if you decide later on to to NP or PA instead of MD or DO, some (and only some) of those programs require it.
I’d have to agree that Cell Bio is the way to go

Remember, the mcat is not some big bad free for all exam of doom. It is just a test covering “BASIC” FIRST YEAR, save orgo, science class work. The questions on the mcat were much less impressive then most of the exams I took during my undergrad courses. The clincher is the time scheme.
Applicability to medschool; either course will serve you well. After speaking with some adcom folks, they believe the latest trend is a weakness in immunology/micro bio. So one semester in micro ‘might’ help here.
Cell bio will further your understanding of cell a&p from general bio I. Micro will enforce bio II’s metabolic proc’s; glycolysis, krebs,…ie…Cell structure is covered, with a bit less emphasis. Both will offer additional info supporting you in med school, but may just make you feel more comfortable with mcat info, which is again only first year stuff.
My ‘opinion’ is; choose the class you enjoy and see you could ace, i.e. get an ‘easy’ A. Both classes are seen well from adcoms, an A is an A. As far as mcats, they both have benifits. (If you need work in a subject do it on your own time, go for the A for the Adcom show and get in! ) Good luck in your decision!

just wanted to PS
remember too; molec bio has a bit more orgo bio, ok…sorry if i belayed the topic…shenry

I try to pitch in with the same answer every time someone asks this question: when it comes to science electives, follow your heart. Do what excites and interests you. The best thing you can be from the point of view of an admissions committee, and from the point of view of a full and rich life, is happy and passionate about what you are doing and learning. Don’t ever take classes for someone else’s sake, unless you have to.

I followed my own advice into immunology classes and independent studies, which led me to a lab, which led me to many better choices for med school–because when I went on interviews and talked about science, the people talking to me could tell that I was really excited about it. In fact, just now I finished a presentation for some of my classmates in a small group class we have, talking about a Science article about mast cells that I think all of them thought was going to be a snoozer. Several said they really enjoyed it in part just because I clearly enjoyed it so much.

I just can’t emphasize this enough: you’re not doing this for other people. You’re doing it for you. Science is beautiful, and the question is what kind of beautiful is most beautiful to you?

Good luck.


I would recommend Cell Bio over Micro if you can only take one.

Thank you all. Everyone has a point which helped me to make my decision. I am taking Cell bio which is fun at least to start with. thanks!!!