Central Florida OPMs--Let's Get Together

Hi everyone. Was making plans to meet with someone from Orlando area and thought it might be fun to find out if there are others from around here that would also like to get together, at least to meet once before the June conference. I know we are all very busy people, but maybe you can squeeze in one more item. Just a couple of hourse somewhere between now and June. If you are interested, contact me at sheryl721@hotmail.com with a couple of times and places and I’ll coordinate with everyone. Hope you can make it.

Ohhhhh THIS is where you were posting it. Duh. I’m in, let’s see if others are interested in joining.

Ok, 7 months since this has been posted… but in looking for housing today, I got curious: what other OPMers are in the Orlando / Central FL region?

I’m not exactly central… but pretty close…

When do people want to hook up?

Andrea -

You’re in the Tampa area, at LECOM-Bradenton? I’m all over Orlando at this point… not sure where the rest of the ‘locals’ are, and haven’t seen much response yet, but I’m always up for meeting new and interesting people.

Have you seen the Bodies exhibition at MOSI yet? I loved it!