Changes to AMCAS and the MCAT

I saw a couple of postings regarding the changes to MCAT and AMCAS. I thought I would share this info with you. Let me know if you still have questions.
Changes to the MCAT and AMCAS:
In addition to the changes reported by the Association of American Medical Colleges
(AAMC) last spring, on November 8, 2002, the AAMC reported additional changes to
both the AMCAS and MCAT.
American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)
News & Changes
◗ Beginning with the April 2003 MCAT, test-takers will no longer be able to withhold MCAT scores.
This move is being made to eliminate use of the MCAT as “practice.”
◗ Beginning with the 2003 application cycle, the default option on the AMCAS will report all MCAT test
scores previously released to AMCAS (from 1991–2002) to prospective medical schools. Test-takers
will need to “de-select” any scores prior to April 2003 that they do not want to release.
◗ The AAMC is waiving extra charges for both additional score reports to non-AMCAS schools (available
only online) and the early online score reporting service.
◗ The AAMC is recommending that medical schools begin to look at a test-taker’s total MCAT test-taking
history, rather than reviewing individual test scores.
Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
News & Changes
◗ The AAMC has decided to eliminate any questions requiring prior knowledge of alkenes, phenols,
benzenes and ethers on the Organic Chemistry section of the test.
◗ The AAMC has NO plans to move to computer-based testing in the United States. Following a
successful pilot in the United Kingdom, the AAMC will continue to explore computer-based testing
sites outside the United States.
◗ The AAMC is continuing to examine the possibility of adding a listening comprehension
component to the MCAT. However, there are no plans to add it in the foreseeable future.
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Matt, thanks so much for the info…
I welcome them dropping some of the orgo stuff. Some of it served little purpose IMO. Biochem and genetics are a welcome sight since they are more relevant overall. Again, just my opinion.

This is directly from that AAMC site and is a wealth of information once you prowl through, and get familiar, with the links. Note that this year getting the scores online will be free (a change from last year). Also, that even if you don’t report scores from previous tests, the med schools will know the dates that you took the exam.

(From the AAMC site at:…#scorereporting
MCAT Registration and Fees
In 2003 the MCAT Registration Fee will be $185, an increase of only $5 from 2002. MCAT Registration will be online only. There will be no charge for MCAT Testing History (THx) Reports to be sent to schools. An unofficial score report can be printed from the THx site. There will be no charge for online retrieval of MCAT scores, even before the arrival of the paper score reports. A new MCAT Essentials registration booklet will be available online in January, 2003. The THx system will be available online before April, 2003 scores are reported in June.
Score Reporting
The MCAT is moving to the concept of “FULL DISCLOSURE,” where an examinee’s testing history, rather than specific sets of scores, will be reported. All 2003 and later MCAT scores will automatically be released to AMCAS and included in the MCAT Testing History Reports (THx Reports - formerly known as Additional Score Reports) sent to other medical and professional schools at the examinee’s request. Scores from 1991-2002 will be sent (or included in an AMCAS application) if requested (or released) by the examinee. Those scores can still be withheld.
MCAT THx Reports will show the dates of all of an examinee’s 1991-2002 MCATs, however, even if the scores are not reported. The THx system will be an online system, as is the current Additional Score Report system. There will be some important differences. First, THx Reports will be free. Second, the THx system will show scores - not just test dates. That way, students can find out their scores as soon as the information is available to the AAMC. Early Scores Online will be available for free. Due to the free THx reports, there will be no need for the “six free score reports” option on test day.

Hope this helps!

yeah, i had a question about the 'amcas will see how many mcats you took previously' starting now.
even if you took the test over 3 years ago?
and if you take it now, there is no 'score cancel' bubble at the end of the day huh?