Changing careers,family,mortgage, debt , etc...

Greetings everyone!
Looking at the process of changing careers in a way that will shift the main bread-winning responsibility to my wife for the next 7-8 years is a scary thought. She is working part-time right now at a couple of odd jobs, but it is not enough to replace my salary once I start med-school (in '07 or '08 hopefully). We have a mortgage, kids, credit card debt, the whole nine yards. We are working on eliminating as much debt as possible, and I am sure she will be able to get a better job when the time comes.
I would like to hear from someone with a similar situation. How is it going? What kind of changes/sacrifices are you making?

Hi. I have no advise to offer just ‘in the same boat’ type of empathy. I was on a fairly sure premed path (or at least i thought i had a great plan) about 18 mos. ago and then switched jobs and it threw me off course. I am the primary breadwinner, benefit holder, tuition payer for the kids, etc…and my husband does a lot of the household/parenting/carpooling stuff and works very part time as a boat transporter.
I am trying to get back on my post bacc path and am faced with the fact that my salary now is better than many of my np colleagues so not only do i have the ‘why would you want to go financially backwards’ i’m facing how will my husband be able to fill my financial shoes and do i want my family to bear this stress when maybe we should be looking at buying a nice place on the water .
Again, no advice just wanted to let you know you are not alone…as you will soon find out.

Thanks for your response. Like everyone else I’m trying to figure out how to get finished with as little debt as possible at the end. I also don’t want my wife to have to work full time while I am in school. Can’t have it both ways though.
I have questions about giving up that good salary too, and putting my family through the stress. The answer always comes back - It will be worth it to change from doing something meaningless to something meaningful.