Changing my moniker

broken ankle Joe.
Did it playing BBall. Ok, have a good laugh at my expense. I am supposed to go to London next week. Guess that is off.
Will have to wait until the whole family can do so on July 31.
(sigh) dry.gif

OUCH!…that must have smarted sad.gif ! Heal/heel well Joe!
Let us know about London town too… cool.gif

Uh huh! What did I tell you about old farts forgetting that they are no longer - and have not been in a looooooooooooooooong time - 18 years old! Old broke down machete hackin broked ankle Joe!!
Heel well and soon!

The difference is that the old farts know that they don’t want to take a freshly broken ankle on a transcontinental flight. An 18-year-old would find out the hard way. I hope you heal well, quickly, and with a minimum of weather-forecasting ability. wink.gif


Feel better!

Damn I bet that hurt! OUCH!!
Were you attempting to school the youngsters in hoops? wink.gif
Hope you’re feeling better soon Joe!

Actually the lane opened up because these kids figured I had no game. I had kicked a jumper in from 18 ft and they thought I would pull up. I didn't. The lane was there and one foot went too far out and rolled. Even in BBall shoes, it snapped.
I survived the London flight and had a good time. AA helped by getting me help in the Miami airport and in London.
getting thru customs was easier too.
If anyone goes to Europe and are in school…sign up for Cheaper flights.
Mine was $600RT.
Cheaper during offseason as well. From $300 RT to Paris and London. We already booked tickets to Switzerland in Nov on Rheinair for $30 ea RT.
Not bad.

Hey, Switzerland ! that's my neck of the woods. Maybe we can meet up. PM me when it gets closer to November.
By the way, hope school is going well! (or has it started yet?)