Changing plans midstream

Well, I did the August MCAT, applied, and I'm now taking the last prerequisite course – ochem lab. My plan at this stage was to take this one course and work, but since the job market has been so weak, I’ve taken four courses instead – biochemistry, pharmacy’s Organ Systems, Psychology, all along with the ochem lab.
Within the past three days I’ve gotten a number of calls for contracts in my field. They want someone now, not when school is out in Dec. In order to have a fulltime job in Dec when school is out (to help pay for medical school), I may have to put 20 hours in per week now. I would need to reduce my course load to make this fly; perhaps drop all all except the ochem lab of course.
Since my application shows these classes being completed this fall, how would you predict the admission committee response to seeing all those ‘W”s for withdrawing from the courses? What should be my response? Should I take preemptive action? Is it a matter of explaining in an email that I ran out of money and needed a job? Should I send such a letter out to each school I applied, or just to those that grant me an interview? Or perhaps just mention this situation during an interview? Would this be viewed so badly that it will kill my chances?

I do not think you should worry too much about the courses unless you will need them to get a degree. I would not even call medical schools until you have been accepted to X, Y, Z med school then call them and explain your situation but who knows maybe someone in medical school can chime in. You have to work so for sure that is your priority. Good luck.

Hmmm…tough call. Maybe Judy Colwell, former Standford adcom dean, will chime in. She did a presentation at the D.C. conference and occasionally posts.
If it was me, I’d write letters to the schools you applied to and explain your situation–that you needed to get a job while you could and had to withdraw from the extra classes. Since they aren’t requirements for med school, I don’t think they would care that you don’t have them. But, I would explain WHY you dropped them so they don’t assume you couldn’t handle it. But that’s just me. I feel the need to inform everyone of my doings each time I sneeze. laugh.gif
P.S. If you just dropped 1 class, I would let it go but since it was 3 classes, I would just explain the situation.

i wouldn’t bring it up unless the school does - they are your plans = and plans change.
if you applied to any schools that require biochem - then you might have to take it in the spring if you are accepted there -
the “W” might worry me - is it already too late to drop without taking a ‘W’ ?

I would NOT call schools’ attention to it. They have a transcript in front of them of classes you’ve already completed, and they’re evaluating you based on that, your MCATs, your personal statement and your interview performance.
Now, WHEN you get accepted to a school, you will be asked to provide an updated transcript. At that time you need to explain what has happened. But if you are VERY sure that these courses are “gravy,” and not necessary for consideration of your application, then there’s no need to muddy the waters with this information right now.
I suppose one could make a case for telling them prior to an acceptance - say, mentioning it when you’re there for your interview. I think I’d bring it up with some AdCom staff member, “I listed courses I’d be taking in the fall, and then ended up getting a job instead, do you need me to provide you with an update for that?” Some places may say yes. Others probably won’t care.
Caveat: this is off the top of my head. I may go back later, read this and be horrified. But my gut reaction is that it’s not a big deal.

Can you switch them to pass/fail? If so maybe do that. I'd only bring it up if it comes up in an interview.