Changing schools for prereqs, some Q's

Ok, so this current semester I’ve been taking Gen Chem and Gen Bio at my local CC. Between scheduling issues for next semester though, and recently becoming aware of Northeastern Illinois University (a 4-year public school nearby that I didn’t even realize existed in the city, and offers courses at a rate only a bit higher than the CC), I’m planning on switching over to NEIU beginning next semester.
My issue here, is whether or not to switch both of my classes over or not. The bio is a no-brainer - there is only one section being offered next semester at the CC, and it was the root of my scheduling problems. I know the bio I’m taking now will transfer appropriately for purposes of taking higher-level bio next year, and I will end up with one complete year of gen bio. My bio teacher this semester was awful too - read straight from the book and went off on many a biochem tangent way beyond the level of anyone in the class - so making the switch is an improvement in every way.
Chem is where I have some questions. I really like my chem teacher. He’s actually quite good - the best teacher I’ve ever seen at a CC. I’m doing well in the class, I’m enjoying things, I feel like I’m learning what I need to (re)learn, and I’m even mastering things a bit more than I might normally because I’m basically the unofficial class tutor, and teaching my classmates forces me to think things through to a greater degree and in different ways than I normally would. I also think he would make a decent recommendation source. I’m sure he would highly recommend me, but I don’t know how much experience he has actually writing high-level rec letters, so that’s my sole concern there.
So, I am somewhat reluctant to switch to chemistry over at NEIU at this time. I do intend to take physics, o-chem, and some upper level bio there next year (basically all of my remaining classes). My question is, will adcoms question why I continued with chemistry at the CC after starting to switch over to the 4-year school? Will it reflect poorly on me somehow to not make that switch as well?
If it makes a difference, I will be taking 1-2 classes at the CC regardless next semester. I’ll definitely be taking an evening EMT-B course. I’m also in all likelihood going to take a 200-level anatomy course. I want to get a third science class on my schedule for next semester because I’m having no problems with my current load, and the only upper-level bio I can take without 2nd semester gen bio at NEIU is a histology course. Frankly, the anatomy class just seems more interesting to me, especially because the CC does have a cadaver lab that is used extensively throughout the course.
Sooo, if you’ve read this far, any ideas on how to handle chemistry? I’ll be splitting time between both schools either way, even if it does just end up being the EMT-B course at the CC. But, if turns out that adcoms would question my sticking with chemistry there, I would like to figure that out sooner rather than later so I can get into a chem section at NEIU…

Well there are some posts here on the forum about CC classes not being seen as competative, while I do not 100% agree I would think the SCI classes are the most important ones to take at the Uni. Also if this is to lead to a BS most Universities have a min amount of transferrable credit they will allow. I have some friends who had to do over some course because of that.

In the end do whats right for you to do well.

I would take better grades over everything.

Good luck

Well, I do have a BA already so these are prereqs for the sake of prereqs. And hopefully I’d get an A either way Thanks for the response though.
I ended up scheduling a phone appointment with the director of admissions at Rush for this Tuesday. I guess I’ll make a decision based on what she says, as she was very helpful the first time I spoke to her.