Checking Hemoglobin without a Needle Stick

Where have I been??? My mom, sis, and I all struggle with anaemia. So this week, at my daughter’s 5 year checkup (my Valentine baby is FIVE…too hard to believe!!), I talked to her pediatrician about her chances of being anaemic too.

She whips out a little device like this:…

And two minutes later, she recommended a daily iron supplement (and a followup in 2 months) due to lower than optimal hemoglobin. What??? How cool is that?

I love modern medicine. No needle…fast results. I wonder what will be around once I’m a practicing physician???

This may seem like a small deal, but I’m telling you…Both my daughter AND I definitely appreciated this one!

masimo has got some very cool technology - I got to see it at a convention a few years ago. Unfortunately, it’s spendy enough my facility won’t switch to their (much superior) oximetry probes. I’m glad (for your daughter’s sake - and other kids) that your pediatrician has this available.


I have never tried this but is it safe without needle?

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It’s like an oxymetry probe, a sticker that goes on the end of your finger and measures different light spectra coming out the other side. This allows them to closely approximate several different things, including oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, CO2, etc.

Do we have to consult any pathologist before doing this?

Do we have to consult a pathologist before doing this?

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