Would it be a bad idea to take CHEM 2 and ORG CHEM 1 at the same time?

You don’t really need Chem 2 for Orgo–SO Go for it.

Orgo requires alot of effort no matter how smart you are, so make sure you have the time to study for both. But taking orgo and chem 2, is imo no different than taking ANY 2 science classes at the same time.

To qualify, I have a PhD in chem, could be biased since I “get” chemistry-- maybe someone else has a different opinion?

My risk management side has several reasons NOT to do take both together

  1. I think GenChem II can be difficult for some people with solutions chem and acid/base chem part of it

  2. OChem, while not computationally difficult, it is a copious amount of material (the technical term is a “shitload”). Topics, such as Stereochemistry will drive some student completely bonkers.

  3. Mastery of Ochem I is vital for OChem II which perhaps the most material heavy course in all of the prereqs.

  4. You may not want to dilute your resources and energy in both chem courses which then could impact performance in the second half of OChem

    In sum, one of my risk management maxiums is do not risk bad grades by overloading on course work. Here the potential is risk of poor grades in 3 courses.

    This underlies other question I always: are you trying to get into medical school or are you trying to get into medical quickly? Or as we say in Corporate America Project Management, “Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two Out Of Three.” Going too fast may bring mediocre grades and lessen you as as an applicant. Taking a little longer to take courses won’t be a factor for the adcoms. Bad grades will…

    'nuf said

I guess I should have asked my question more accurately. Is CHEM 2 absolute pre-req for ORG CHEM 1?

No matter what, I will be taking 2 science courses each semester. But by taking CHEM 2 and ORG 1 at the same time, I will be done 1 semester earlier. ORG 1 is usually not offered during summer at the CC I’m attending.

No, content wise it is not essential. But be careful of your timing mindset. I have seen too many people overload in a rush to finish and suffer from what I call “premature application”

My two cents -

I tried doing exactly that in Fall 07 (see my topic from back then…

I realized my fallacy just after the drop/add deadline and had to withdraw from OChem I with a W.

I like to learn the material, not just get through a class. In GChem II you start learning about equilibrium, Le-Chatelier (or as I say, Le Cat ), and rate of reactions. And a very important concept, Acids and Bases.

All of the above get used in OChem II and to a lesser degree in OChem I. However, if you don’t grasp them now, and brush them off with the age old, “I’ll do it when I need it”, guess what, you’ll never get around to it.

I dropped OChem I and took a W because I felt that there were important concepts in GChem II that I just didn’t have the time for, given the amount of time demanded by OChem I.

Word to the wise - be very meticulous about learning about acids and bases- inside out, backwards and forwards.

The whole concept of Lewis acid/base and both Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry acids/bases, becomes very germane in OChem II when you start talking about certain protons being more acidic than the other protons and hence being attacked by the nucleophile/base preferentially.

But then again, it is entirely possible that you may be a lot more smarter than I, in which case ignore my post and go for it.

Sounds like I better not double up on CHEM 2 AND ORG 1. It’s either that or CHEM 2 AND PHYS 1 but I am re-taking PHYS since it’s been almost 10 years.

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

I think Chem II plus re-taking Phys is a better deal. I re-took Physics after some 20 years and a lot of it still came back to me.