chem/bio sites needed

Hi everyone:
Do you guys know of any good chem and bio sites that can aid me in my classes? Also, is there any other sites that can prepare you for the MCAT?

Welcome aboard! My organic chemistry textbook has its online site open for public view. Look at Brooks Cole’s home page and follow the links to chemistry. I’m not sure where my biology textbook is (which is a shame, because I’ll need it in the fall), but that publisher, too, had a Web site. I’ve had two textbooks that came with both CDROMs and Web access, and in both cases the Web site was far superior.
I think Kaplan has an online MCAT tutorial you can subscribe to. I bought the Examkracker books, but now won’t be taking the MCAT until next year, so I can’t really tell you what’s good.
Happy surfing!

Here is a link to the chemistry tutor’s webpage at Towson Univ. She gets hits from all over the world (she has a tracking program and puts pins in a world map). Hope this helps.

The Univ of Arizona Biology Project web site is fantastic. Great interactive tutorials on a bunch of MCAT-relevant topics (many of which are covered in intro-level bio classes).

I also really recommend the CD-ROM that comes with the Campbell and Reece Biology textbook. It has great interactive activities, for those times when you can’t stand to read any more.

My experience with prep course online materials (I did all the online materials for one company’s MCAT course) was that they were not very good: they were just digital versions of textbook text, with no animations or other helpful learning tools. Definitely try before you buy - they are very expensive. Also, the online materials did not cover all topics, and some of them were impractically slow unless you had a high-speed Internet connection.

While I had a list of several , it would appear some of the sites are no longer functional. However, there is one that is still working and even has experiments you can do at home in your spare time ( ).
Look under chemical of the week and there will be a list of different chemicals and chemical compounds to learn about.
Maybe some of them are ones you are needing information or help on learning about.

Let me recommend to you
Great overviews of many of the major topics of chemistry (general and organic) and bio. All F-R-E-E.

Excellent! Thanks!