Chem order

For anyone who has already taken gen chem II and orgo chem I… is it possible to take them concurrently?
From what I understand, orgo chem is totally different then gen chem. Do you need to have chem to completed to take orgo I (lecture only, by the way, no lab)?
I am trying to plan out a schedule and physics won't fit, so I was thinking orgo with the chem II. any advice is much appreciated.
also, does this look bad to adcoms… that you took them concurrently?

I have a classmate who is currently taking chem II and Orgo I as we speak. She is doing fine. She did have to jump through some administrative hoops to actually get in the classes. She was basically in the same position that you are in schedule wise. It's probably not the ideal thing but it is obviously doable. I don't think that adcoms care so long as you do well in the classes. Hope this helps.
Damon Maes

At my school you had to have a full year of gen chem before you could take organic. If your school allows it, I do not see any problems with taking both at the same time albeit it will be tons of work but doable.

It's certainly possible…I know a guy who's doing both this year and has done great in both. It's a lot of work, but it's certainly doable. I don't know how many hoops he had to jump through, but at our school he probably just needed permission of the chemistry dean and the teacher teaching organic…
good luck
–Jessica, UCCS

thanks guys!
will i be lost in orgo 1 without the chem 2?
chem 2 the same book as chem 1 so I am just going to go on and finish reading most of it before the summer starts anyway.

QUOTE (JCD @ Apr 15 2003, 12:10 PM)
thanks guys!
will i be lost in orgo 1 without the chem 2?
chem 2 the same book as chem 1 so I am just going to go on and finish reading most of it before the summer starts anyway.

whoa, hold the horses -- I assumed you were considering this for next fall - that is, in a normal semester- are you thinking of Ochem I and Gchem II concurrently in an abbreviated Summer Session?

that might get you some different opinions ...

I agree with Lisa – if you're thinking about the fall, yes it can be done, and no you won't be lost without having physically taken chem II yet. However…if you were thinking about the summer DO NOT, repeat do not do it. Unless you're some genius with a photographic memory there will be way too much detail to do both classes at once in a summer session…
–Jessica, UCCS

You could do it, but you have to weigh the risk of taking both classes and not doing well and having to repeat them against the scheduling conflict. If it was me (taking in account all the things going on in my life, as should you take into account yours) I would take them seperately so I could have enough time studying.

Unless your summer session is a full three months long–and maybe even then–I wouldn't try to do them both at the same time. Is it even possible to schedule both classes and labs without running into some conflicts? I took Gen chem during a five week summer session once, and it was hard enough just to fit that much in. You'd be taking a big risk by trying to do them both.

thanks everyone.
I can fit in the physics and the chem this summer after all.
The whole issue was that my work wasn't going to let me take the chem which I really need to take this summer, so if I am going to leave my job, then I am going to make the most out of the time as possible- which is why I wanted to take 2 classes in the summer. Chem 2 shouldn't be too hard because I have already read ahead in the book through it and I know the professor so I know what to expect from the class. So I am going to do the chem2 and physics 1. Plus, I read a chapter from the orgo book and everyone is right about the heavy memorization…
Thank you everyone for all of your helpful advice.