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Does anyone have a suggestion for a good (hopefully cheap) textbook I could use to review/prepare for gen chem I?

Cheap chem textbook? I know of no such thing. get whatever textbook the course you plan to take uses and then review that…it’ll not only be cheaper than buying 2 separate textbooks but it’ll give you a heads up on the course.

Schaum’s Outline of College Chemistry

This to me is the “bible” of Chemistry prep/review/course supplementation. You can’t go wrong with Schaum’s.

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Schaum's Outline of College Chemistry

This to me is the "bible" of Chemistry prep/review/course supplementation. You can't go wrong with Schaum's.

Have you tried any of the other "Outline" books? Physics? Contemplating buying the Physics one and wanted to hear a review.

OP - Like Tim said, get the textbook that the course requires. But, I'd recommend any supplemental materials the course may suggest, if you are having any trouble with the material. It will help break down what the textbook is saying. I recall not wanting to spend the few extra bones on it when I took Gen Chem, but as I got into other classes outside of the sciences, and bought the recommended readings, it was definitely worth purchasing...not only for the general breakdowns, but I had a better appreciation for the material.

If at all possible, don't buy your books from the school's bookstore. Do your research though, I checked out the books at the bookstore for next semester to get the ISBN numbers. If I had bought at the bookstore, all would have cost me more than $650 for two courses. But, after searching Amazon, I got all my books for less than $275 with s/h, either new or like new condition.

A great complete text is “Chemistry - The Central Science” by Brown (Brown, LeMay, and somebody) It is in it’s 10th edition. Before my class, I went to Amazon and bought a like-new 9th edition for $5. I did buy the 10th edition when the class started (so that the end-of-chapter problems would be correct), but the two editions are almost identical.

Happy equation balancing!

Hi Code Blue - you can probably get the actual textbook for $20. Students at the school you are taking it at are always looking to unload their texts and the later you wait, the cheaper they are willing to let it go for. Check out facebook or craigslist. Hope this helps.

Hi Code Blue,

PM me…I have a Intro to Chemistry textbook I can send to you. I have a friend that works in the Natural Science dept of the community college and they were just clearing out old textbooks not being used from their faculty book closet.



Sorry for the delay in responding, Christmas time you know…

Yes, I have Schaum’s Physics outline and used it extensively during the term as a supplement to my physics professor’s practice exams/lecture notes. Great examples, practice problems & conceptual outlines.

It’s a great buy, highly recommend.