Chemistry grades in

After the tough semester w/ not understanding fully and sick kids, I was sweating hoping I didn’t get a C. My grades for chem are in and although I know I’m not getting A’s this semester I do know I kept my B in chemistry. I had a B+ in lab which is kind of sad being all the labs I performed on my own were A’s, but working w/ lab partners drug it down a tad lol. I don’t care anymore. All I know is I don’t HAVE to retake chem. I can if I want to in order to try for an A, but I don’t have to. I can just keep working on the rough concepts on my own and master the material myself if necessary. That is a load off my back. Now let’s hope I stay in the B range in biology. It was a B- at midterms but if my final is at least a B, it should be o.k. Cross your fingers.

When I went back to finish my undergrad degree, I remember my advisor telling me not to sweat the Bs. Strive for As, but Bs aren’t killers. It’s the Cs that will do you in. So, congrats on the B. . . next course you’ll get the A

Looks like i’ll certainly have to retake those few C’s that I got in bio I and Chem I and i think II :(… well, I suppose the best thing to do is take care of that after I finish up the rest of my pre-reqs… Thats too bad though because I’m pretty sure I wont have time to retake them before I apply in the summer

Putnam, no - don’t apply Linda’s “rule of thumb” THAT literally. C’s are bad, no question about it - but if they came early in your academic career, and you have done VERY well at the courses since then, AND you know that the C’s don’t reflect your level of knowledge of the subject – then I would not retake. This process is too subjective and complex to be able to apply an across-the-board “If this, then that” kind of rule.

Don’t get me wrong, though: if you list just your prerequisites and upper-level science courses, and the C’s stand out - then it’s a definite challenge to your application.


Short and sweet… I agree (yet again) with Mary. :slight_smile:



CONGRATS Susan… keep on truckin! Glad to hear things turned out well for you.