Chemo Update.

So this Monday I began my chemotherapy. For five days in a row I take 350mg of Temozolomide, brand name Temodar. After those five days, I take 23 days off, then repeat the cycle. If I tolerate it well, I will hope to complete 18 cycles. Every week I have blood work done to make sure my counts are all good, but besides that, Im supposed to just go about my business. So far, only 4 days into the first cycle, I feel fine, no side effects, but I know they can come later in the cycle, or after several cycles. Just have to wait and see.

The 4 weeks I was on disability did give me the chance to finish almost all of my secondaries, I dont know how I would have done them in time otherwise. So now, starting Tuesday I go back to work and wait, to see how the chemo effects me and to see if any med schools are interested in talking to me.


Best wishes with that, Tim - you know your OPM family is all in your corner.


You are a real inspiration to me! And probably to everybody in here!!!

Hang in there! I will keep you in my prayers, so the chemo goes well!!!

And I’m sure the interview invitations will start arriving soon, too .


Tim, I wish you the best with the chemo. We’ll keep you in our prayers.

Best Wishes!!!

Stay Blessed…