Chicago OPM'ers!!

Hey everyone. Just checking to see how many OPM’ers there are in the Chicago area who might want to form a little group to get together and network some (we all know what that means ). Drop a note here. I know a few of us, but I’m sure there are other lurkers around.

I would be interested in getting together for some networking and beer - certainly the two go hand in hand, yes? It would be great to talk to some other OPMs. I’m on the northwest side, but any bar or coffeeshop in the chicagoland area would be fine with me…

I’m in the western burbs - Oak Park. Working fulltime and doing night classes Mon-Thurs, but my weekends are still somewhat free

Far far west: Sandwich!
But it’s easy for me to get the train from Aurora to downtown on a weekend
I’d love to get together!

This is a good start! How does the beginning of October look to get together?

Oct. 1 I have my first fitting for my wedding gown in Anna, IL - way down south well, actually !

Beginning of October is good for me right now. I think a reunion on Sept. 24th is the last weekend committment I have for a while.

Maybe the 2nd weekend of October, so Megboo can attend?

2nd weekend - I’m there!

I would love to get together. The second weekend in Oct is good for me too. I am in SW burbs…New Lenox. I have classes on mon, Tues, and UIC…So any day other than those are great.

If you mean the weekend of Oct. 8 that would work! The 1st of Oct. I have to go to So. Ill. to get my wedding dress fitted, and on Oct. 14/15 I have to attend my engaged encounter weekend to get married in the Catholic church. The weekend after that is a bridal shower, and the weekend after that is my birthday, and the weekend after that is my 2nd dress fitting, and the weekend after that is my last minute prep for the wedding. Sheesh! I have a busy few months coming up!!!

Well, how about October 8th then for everyone? We can go out to dinner somewhere downtown and have a nice meal and have a few drinks.
If anyone has suggestions as to where or another time, let us all know.

Saturday, October 8th looks to be good for me. I think Megboo was going to be taking the train in, so maybe something in the west Loop area? Hmm, Greektown would be just a few blocks from Union Station. Greek Islands right at the corner of Adams and Halsted makes a nice casual spot there for dinner and drinks. If everyone’s up for Greek food, how does that sound?

Greek’s good for me - I think I’ve been to that restaraunt before and it’s pretty good!

Sounds good to me - would we need reservations? i’ve never been there, though I love greek food…

I don’t think we would need reservations unless it turns out to be a big group (say more than 6 or so). I used to work a few blocks away and stopped by regularly after work, and can’t recall it ever being outrageously crowded. They have a lot of seating - 3 or 4 separate dining room areas.

Sounds good to me! I’ll give the restaurant a call and see if we need reservations. Please let any others know that you might know and let me know if they’d like to come as well. How does 8 p.m. sound? Is that too late for people? I know, some of us–like me–are old now.

Hey, if I came in from Milwaukee for this, could someone put me up for the night?

Howdy Everyone! A bit slow on responding to this thread, but yup, I’m in the Chicago area. I’d love to meet everyone, and beginning of October would be great.
Thanks Larry for coordinating this!

Larry, just wanted to check and see where things are at for Saturday. Did you make a reservation for 8pm? Trying to get my afternoon planned out accordingly