Chicago OPMs

Hey all…
I am starting my 1st 2 pre-req classes on Aug. 30th at Benedictine University. I know it is a shot in th dark, but is anyone else strating classes this fall as well? Just figured it would be nice to have someone in the same situation close by…

Good to see that things are progressing for you. I’m doing the post-bacc thing here in Chicago as well. Good luck with everything.
Maybe all of us old pre-med people from Chicago area should get together?? What do the rest of you think?

I just finished my post-bacc at Loyola. doing the application thing now. I’m up for an OPM-Chicago get together.

Hello Fellas,
I’ve been in Northwestern SCS and will start my official post-bacc. this fall. I would be more than happy to get together to share info. and give each other support.
Drop me a line at

You know me Larry… I’m game for anything. It would be fun to get together with everyone in the area that’s as crazy, opps, I mean driven. (That is if we can stand to take a break from all that studying)

I’m in chicago as well… and I am currently reconsidering my path. It would be great to get some advice or even some motivation. Let me know if you guys are meeting anytime soon.

I am in Post Bacc at NU. I am game for a get-together too!

Hey All…
Nice to see that I am not flying solo in this quest in Chicago…I am about to re-start the pre-reqs…many years removed from undergrad…at Benedictine in less than a week. Bit nervous here…:slight_smile:
In addition to possibly getting together (planning such things is not my strong point) I was wondering if you guys would be interested in a sorta data sheet with contact info on each other. Info like e-mail…phone…what point in the process you are in…areas of academic strength, etc… Just a quick reference so we might have someone to bounce ideas off of locally. Especially since, as Chicagoans, we will likely apply to chicago MD/DO schools…hints and tips might be useful…:slight_smile:
I would be more than happy to put together this list and resend it to everyone via email. My email address to Anyone that sends me stuff, I could compile it and resend in about a week…
Does this make any sense? I feel as though I am rambling…but hopefully the gist of my idea came across…

I’m also in Chicago doing my Premed coursework slog at UIC concurrently with my PhD (ouch). Let me know if a get-together is in the wind! I can be reached at