Chicago Post-Bacc Programs. Please Help, Chicagoans!

Hello all! I am new to this community and have just began (about 1 month ago) looking into the possibility of going back to school. I am currently 26 years old and live in Chicago. I graduated from Ball State University in 2007 with a 3.4 GPA (business, no science classes) and went to work for a very large international business consulting firm in Chicago. Well I suppose the cubicle isolation and impending carpel tunnel has gotten to me already, so here I am!

My main concern is speed right now, I want to get my pre-reqs done as quick as possible but don’t want to take on too much at a time that I don’t get A’s. I do not need to work during my post-bacc time, so I suppose this is a huge plus. I also would like to stay in the Chicago area, if possible. Are there any programs in Chicago with linkages and/or ties to med schools? I have struggled to locate any, but would really like to skip that glide year if feasible.

Is there are any Chicago post-bacc’s or Chicago post-bacc graduates out there that can provide some insight. If any Chicagoans can provide information for my questions as well as other general information that I may find pertinent, I would be incredibly grateful!


I would HIGHLY recommend the Oldpremed conference in your city, June 10-13. You will be able to meet tons of people that can offer advice … I wish I could go!

In addition to attending the conference, you should check out Search results return a handful of post bacc programs in Chicago: Loyola, Northwestern, Rosalind Franklin… Conduct some research into these programs and schedule time to meet with an advisor. Perhaps you’ll find that one is right for you.


I’m not from Chicago and don’t have any personal experience with postbac programs offered in Chicago, but with so many universities and medical schools you’ll find some formal and ‘self-tailored’ pre-med programs.

Try to attend our conference in two weeks. Many schools will be represented during vendors sessions in between the lectures, so you will be able to get some first-hand answers to your questions.


Actually, Graduate Program Director for M.A. in Medical Sciences at Loyola University Chicago, Dr. F. Bryan Pickett, PhD, will be speaking at the upcoming OldPreMeds conference, and would likely have excellent knowledge of the Chicago are post-baccs. Additionally I have spoken at length to the director of the Dominican University Post-Bacc, Dr. Louis Scannicchio and find their program interesting. BTW, it is the only post-bacc I know where the director is an MD, a head and neck surgeon. The program at Rosalind Franklin is run by faculty from the medical school there, so undoubtedly there are ties between the two.

All that said, the power of a linkage is good but tends, like many things on any premed site, get so overblown that they reach mythical proportions. There is no, repeat no, guarantee that a linkage will get you into medical school. Certainly no good data exists on the subject. It would seem that a post-bacc with linkages to a med school with be a known and likely positive factor with an associated medical school is a reasonable conclusion. But how much real weight that carries, is completely speculative

Go to the conference and speak with the exhibitors. This experience will give you great access to admissions folks from some of the local post-bacc programs. Also, you can meet others who have been down this road and have more in-depth conversations about their journeys.

Did my post-bacc work at Roosevelt University. No linkages but the program worked out well for my admittance to med school. Would be happy to answer questions if you’ve got any. Just send me a message on here.

hellow i am very interested in the Roosevelt university post-bac program is there any information you can offer me. I would really appreciate it


I actually went to Roosevelt for my undergrad!! (but I was in the theatre conservatory so I have zero info on the science classes)

When I first started this process I went back to Roosevelt to take an Algebra class. I liked the teacher but I was struggling a bit trying to build a DIY post bacc (as far as I know they don’t have a formal program) so I ended up hunting around for a slightly more organized program and eventually ended up at Loyola (I have enjoyed Loyola a lot and would recommend you look into it if you are looking for somewhere in the city )

I think it is really neat that someone on this site went back to Roosevelt and was able to do the post bacc and get into med school!!

I did my formal post-bac at Dominican University (in River Forest, which is in the Western suburbs). It was a great experience, and is good if you are looking for an option in the 'burbs.

I desperately wanted to skip a glide year but it is virtually impossible unless you go to the Caribbean.

The only way I know of to get it done in 1 year is to take a year of Gen Chem over the summer then orgo, physics, and bio during the school year.

Then you’d have to study for the MCAT and send in lateish applications + have a gap year if you are going DO (you’d have a slim chance with US MD if you apply in Aug unless you have great MCAT and ~4.0 post bacc given that you have a 3.4 from Ball State).

Keep in mind you also have to fit in a few hundred hours volunteering/shadowing and perhaps some lab work (MD only) as well during this time .

You could take the courses over 2 years and have a more relaxed schedule. The vast majority of people do this particularly if they are working but you still have a gap year because you won’t do well on the MCAT if you take it without doing all your prereqs.

I actually wonder if blowing through the prereqs in 1 year then going to the Carribbean immediately would have been better than the 2years of school +1 gap year it has taken me even though I got in to a US school but you’d have to research the pros and cons of that.

I would recommend cheap > prestige for Chicago post bacc programs. There is also literally NOTHING WRONG with doing an informal post-bacc where you just register for the classes you need.

If you’re an IL resident I’d recommend UIC honestly but I have not heard anything bad about any of the programs in Chicago.

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