Choosing a Doctor Bag

A relative is giving me a “real” dr. bag as a gift, bless her heart.
But, I am totally stuck at deciding how important a feature the (detachable) shoulder strap is, esp. for ladies.
What’s your experience? What feature to you wish you had? What do you wish you knew? Where to buy? Misc. wisdom?

cool gift; unfortunately in my clinical experience to date I have seen a total of ONE physician carrying a doctor’s bag - a neurologist who had all those nifty extra toys that neurologists carry (reflex hammer, ophthalmoscope, special lenses for examining eye movements etc). Elsewhere, I have yet to see a doctor’s bag. Probably not the answer you wanted, sorry!
But if you’re getting the bag, definitely get your initials monogrammed onto it in hopes it would get back to you if it were lost.

Hi there,
My "doctor’s bag is my black backpack that holds my alarm clock, Cereal Bars, Gator-Aid, clean underwear and socks, stethoscope, Palm Tungsten and hard case, ABSITE Review Manual and pens. As for the traditional “black bag”, like Mary RR, I have yet to see anyone carrying one of these.

Not to beat a dead horse, my “doctor’s bag” is my trusty & roomy blue Northface backpack where many personal elements & surivial tools, much as Nat describes, live & follow me hither & fro. I too purchased a modern physicians bag - more like an EMT’s tote - & it has resided in the top of my closet almost since the day it arrived home…it’s where I keep all of those cool, expensive & un-used doctor’s tools we were told was mandatory to purchase.
However, as it is a gift, get the one w/ a removable strap. If you do not like it, you can always take it off &, as MRR recommends, angle for the monogram!

I used my doctor bag intact only during clinical exams (CSA’s) during the first 2 years. The rest of the time it was a handy place to store the stuff I didn’t use because everything but a stethescope was provided during the 3rd year rotations, except during Peds, when I stuffed an otoscope in my pocket. However, when I did tote the bag the strap was useful because I was usually toting a laptop and an other things as well and the strap left the hands free to manage doors.
Steve - Olde Pharte doc wanna be (and now 4th year) UNECOM class 2005.