Christmas comes tomorrow (for me at least)

My nine year old came home from school today and asked me why I couldn’t stop smiling. I just received my registration for the pre-med conference tomorrow at UT Southwestern (my top choice) and I am so excited, I feel like a kid at Christmas! (Okay I know its just the pre-med conference, but to me its a source of inspiration and helps make this journey seem like the reward is not far off.)

This has been such an incredible experience so far however; is not over quite yet. I still have to finish Ochem I and spring semester I will finish Ochem 11, followed by the MCAT in June. I am so grateful to everyone here who takes the time to read and respond to posts and to document their own journey. It has been such an inspiration to me especially when frustration or uncertainty has set in. So I just wanted to put my excitement on paper and again say thank you.

Congrats! I guess this is what makes that light at the end of the tunnel a bit closer!

Hi MauiMom

I remember that day back in 2009. Registered to the Pre-med conf at UTSW, never made it. It was on Nov 14th. My daughter decided to show up on that very day. I have everything ready on Friday night, suit and asked my wife, please, keep her inside until after the conference. At 2 am, my daughter decided it was time for to come out. So I missed the conference.

Old memories. Yet time goes and perhaps one day you will look back and think about this conference. It is a step, one of many and the beginning of a great adventure. Make every moment count, enjoy and keep living the dream.

It was such a great experience. I really enjoyed eating lunch with the current students and gaining a better perspective however; I don’t think I will truly understand until I experience it firsthand.

I came away feeling much more confident in myself and my experience, which is exactly what I needed. Adding my euphoria of my first shadowing experience last week and this conference, it truly has been Christmas for me. Again, thanks Girlonfire and Redo-it-all for the encouragement. I am going to do a better job of enjoying the journey and keep my focus on the reward.