City College of New York Organic Chem I

I’m doing the Post-Bacc at Hunter where it has been announced that Orgo I lecture will not be offered next semester. So I am giving a shout out to my CCNY brethren to ask you who are the good Orgo I professors at City or who I should avoid. I plan to attend on a CUNY permit.

Prof. Valeria Balogh-Nair is AWESOME-- I’m taking her now. Hopefully she won’t find this message and think I’m sucking up. She discusses all reactions at least twice, challenges people to participate in class, has useful anecdotes from real-world organic chemistry, grades her tests THE DAY THEY ARE GIVEN, and is plain effective.
If you can, take her workshop as well (free of tuition charge and you get extra credit for good results on quizzes). All test problems are exhaustively treated beforehand in this supplementary class.
Matt Corey

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the advice. I’m going to try to work through the CUNY red tape and make this happen. If you or anyone else wants to give me more info on who to take for Orgo I at City next Spring semester (or who not to take) and don’t feel comfortable posting, please send a private email to me either through this system or to
Thanks again.

Sam -
I just spoke with the secretary in the Chemistry department, because I am also having issues with their current schedule.
She said it would not be finalized for a few weeks, and that she thought that they were adding a 222 lecture. She also seemed to think they were moving the Orgo I labs around, which is great for me, since both the evening ones overlap the Orgo II lecture.
Cross your fingers…