Clarification on "post bacc" GPA when it's not actually post bacc

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forums. Just found the podcast and have been enjoying it so far. I have a bit of an unusual question.

I went to college (4 years) 2011-2015 for a non-science major and did not graduate, though I was close to graduation. I ended up enlisting in the Army. I have been active duty since 2016 and only recently decided I want to be a doctor. I have almost no science classes under my belt, and my undergrad GPA is abysmal (just over 3.0).

My only hope is that taking all the prerequisite science classes, as well as some nursing classes I’m working on, will boost my GPA enough to be considered. I have heard that “post bacc” GPA is reported on a separate line on the application, as well as factored into the cumulative undergraduate GPA.

I started back on college classes in 2020, taking the remaining requirements to graduate from my original university online (thanks covid). I qualified to graduate Fall 2021. However I requested to defer graduation because I still want to take all my science and nursing classes over the next few years, and I know that if you have a bachelor’s degree, you no longer qualify for Pell Grants. So while I technically “have a degree” I don’t really.

I am taking my science courses at the local community college because it’s really the only option that works with my schedule and I need the in-person labs.

My question is this: since I don’t technically have a bachelor’s degree, will my “post bacc” GPA actually be reported on a separate line? My goal is to get a 4.0 or close to it and I believe I can. I think that would look good on an application but I’m not sure if everything will just be lumped together since I never technically graduated.

If it is reported separately, where is the line between undergrad and post bacc? Is it after I completed my graduation requirements (so GPA up to 2021 and then after)? Is it the break in time (so up to 2015 and then 2020-onward)? Is it the different institution (so my original university and then the community college courses)?

Sorry for the long convoluted question! Thanks in advance for any answers.

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Per the AAMC guide, “Assign Postbaccalaureate (PB) status to any undergraduate-level coursework you enrolled in:
° After receipt of your initial BA/BS degree.
° While enrolled in a graduate program, if coursework is not applied to a graduate degree.”

This means that if you start taking science courses now, it will be grouped together in your undergrad GPA.

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Thank you!

Related question–I found out that the AMCAS application does not allow you to enter the “date of degree” any later than 1 year after your last coursework at the institution. So, if I defer graduation until say 2026 but my last coursework there was 2021, how would that work? Would I have to fudge the numbers and either claim graduation as 2021 or dates of attendance until 2026?

Interesting question. I’m not entirely sure how to answer that. I’d suggest calling the AAMC for that one.

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